SolaWrap™Poly Keder

Energy Savings:

SolaWrap™ a constructed Poly Keder , is a greenhouse covering that saves more energy.  Its unique German bubble design is specifically engineered to insulate and diffuse sunlight.   When a greenhouse is constructed utilizing the unique interlocking mounting system profile attachment, the “keder” locking mechanism ensures a water and air-tight structure able to withstand the most extreme elements and climates.

SolaWrap™ poly keder greenhouse material 
provides an insulating effect that retains up to 85% of heat radiation while providing its users with impressive R and U Values and unprecedented thermal resistivity and conductivity creating the most energy efficient product available in a triple layer film without any further enhancements. This unique design represents significant cost savings for its users.

UV Protection:

The manufactures, RKW SE guarantee SolaWrap™ Polydress® greenhouse film with a 5-year *warrantee against UV degradation.

SolaWrap™Polydress® poly keder has been tested and proven  to last over 30 years.  This unique greenhouse plastic does not change color, fog, streak, or deteriorate in even the harshest of climates.

*Warrantee based on region of the world and global UV indexes.


SolaWrap™Polydress® poly keder film  guarantees an even light diffusion over the entire structure allowing approximately 83% sunlight, 30% of which is healthy infrared light. The diffused light scatters evenly so as to avoid and eliminate the common difficulties of both shading and burning areas within the structure.


SolaWrap™Polydress® poly keder sheeting  is the strongest, most durable covering within the global greenhouse roofing industry.  With over 30 years of design expertise and scientific testing— has proven itself in hailstorms, snowstorms, hurricane winds, and severe heat and cold.  In order to resist weather conditions ranging in temperature, moisture type, and barometric strain, RKW maintains the highest of global manufacturing standards. When properly installed, durable and dependable this greenhouse plastic has been used on greenhouse structures for over 30 years without need of replacement! To prove the durbility learn about a recent snow load test where the greenhouse plastic along with the interlocking system held over 4000 lbs of snow with no damage.


Whether replacing your existing  greenhouse roofing or you are  building a new structure, this flexible- light weight greenhouse film is quick and easy to install.  SolaWrap™Polydress® poly keder covering  is designed to work with its own exclusive profile locking system allowing for an easy two-step installation in sections that can easily be exchanged with older sections if ever necessary.  This unique system creates tremendous strength.


SolaWrap™Polydress® poly keder polyethylene film is manufactured and created in the most environmentally conscious processes of all greenhouse coverings available on the market today.  Unlike polyethylene products common in North America, SolaWrap™Polydress® poly keder  does not leach harmful chemicals and can be utilized safely in organic food and livestock production and in Europe. It is considered “food grade”. What is even more unique, this polyethylene film is completely recyclable and can be safely incinerated.  RKW, Inc. also proudly provides recycling centers across Europe where plastic materials are deposited, recycled, and then re-manufactured into many different high quality products.



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