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Clients said PolyDress® LP-Keder Greenhouse Film

Sola Wrap Poly keder™ Greenhouse- 25 Years Old

SolaWrap™ has a unique triple layer construction with enclosed air.  It is 17 mil worth of food grade polyethylene with a total thickness of 1/3 of an inch.  This uniquely designed greenhouse plas read more

Commercial Greenhouse in Full Operation

Cover your commercial greenhouse with Solawrap. SolaWrap™ is a unique greenhouse covering that combines high light transparency, high light diffusion, and high insulation with longevity.  With S read more

Cover a Hoop Greenhouse with SolaWrap

Cover a Hoop Greenhouse with SolaWrap When you build your hoop house structure your plans should give you spacing between bows, angles, and dimensions. The rolls of Polydress® read more

Commercial Greenhouse

SolaWrap green house plastic film is the best material available to cover commercial greenhouses with. There are three main types of greenhouse coverings: glass, polycarbonate, and polyethylene read more

Geodesic Dome- Greenhouse Kit

A geodesic dome greenhouse kit that is assembled in the spring can allow you to start seeds and propagate early.  If assembled in the summer, you can extend your growing season and bring fresh read more

Profile Connector SolaWrap Greenhouse Covering

RKW created their extruded profile connector specifically for their keder bead. Keder is a very durable polyethylene which is heat welded to the Multi layer bubble sandwich plastic sh read more

SolaWrap Green House Plastic Profile Connector

A Specially engineered profile extrusion or locking channel system is designed to become the connector piece that joins the SolaWrap plastic sheeting pieces together. Keder is the name of read more

SolaWrap Green house Film- Heavy Duty- 30 Yrs.

Keder refers to the beading, or thick cylinder of plastic on the edge of the polyethylene.  This allows the SolaWrap to easily slide through an extrusion, or locking channel system.  The strength th read more

25 Yr Old Durable Greenhouse Plastic

The self-contained air burls not only allow for the diffusion of light energy, but they also create an air-supported insulating effect while side-stepping the cost of operating an inflation system 24 read more

SolaWrap Greenhouse Film Strong and Tough

SolaWrap greenhouse film is what the American horticulture and agriculture markets have been waiting for.  Seize this opportunity to allow SolaWrap to drive down operational and maintenance costs, p read more

SolaWrap Best Greenhouse Film

Tried and tested in various extreme climates for close to 30 years,  SolaWrap greenhouse film's unique triple-layered system encloses air burls or pockets of air, which act as light ray diffusers dif read more

Green House Covering SolaWrap

83% light transmission and 83% light diffusion will allow your plants to grow at a faster rate.  Clients using this green house plastic covering  in the Mediterranean have reported a 3 week advancem read more

Commercial Greenhouse with SolaWrap Poly

Apply SolaWrap for insulation on par with triple wall polycarbonate, which cannot be applied to hoop houses due to it’s rigid nature. This greenhouse plastic provides 83% light transmission and 83% read more

Rolls Polyethylene Greenhouse Film SolaWrap Poly

Polyethylene greenhouse plastic has a new look, feel and quality.  This uniquely engineered  greenhouse poly  has generated much interest by both professional horticulturists, greenhouse manufactu read more

Polykeder- SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic

Polydress® SolaWrap, also known as Polydress® LP Keder greenhouse plastic comes in rolls that are 6'.6" ft x 328 ft in size.  Now offering widths of 4, 5, 6 and 2 meters. This h read more

SolaWrap Poly Film Snow Load Test

SolaWrap Greenhouse plastic together with inter locking systems of cambia wood on two sides and plastic profile on 2 sides, with stands over 4000 lbs of snow. The RKW scientist did the math and calcul read more

SolaWrap Snow Load Test

Polydress®SolaWrap Poly Keder is durable and strong. In a recent snow load test the greenhouse plastic held over 11 feet of heavy wet snow weighing about 4000 lbs. If you build a greenhouse in an are read more
Drought Solutions Grow High Quality Produce
Grow high quality produce year round in any climate. Build a greenhouse, cover it with Polydress®SolaWrap Poly Keder greenhouse covering, proven to last over 30 years in all weather conditions and climates. Contact us today.
Experience Energy Savings
 with SolaWrap Poly Keder ™food-grade, Greenhouse plastic, specifically engineered to insulate and diffuse sunlight. For over 30 years SolaWrap™
 greenhouse covering has proven its excellence. It retains up to 95% of heat radiation with Impressive R and U values along with unprecedented thermal resistivity and conductivity values. Include a hydroponics system to deliver the most energy efficient growing conditions. Now commercial farmers and consumers can grow high quality produce all year long, anywhere, even on rooftops, on parking lots or in small green houses in their back yard, regardless geo location and climate conditions.